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Obsessed with the people side of change





All of these materials were developed by me. Please excuse the rare visual oddity and misalignment as I added visual blockers to protect my past employers. All documents have been converted into PDFs for consistency. Contact me with additional questions. 

Business Conference

Change Strategy

Change Management Program ProposalIT Leadership presentation proposing a change management program for the Project Management Office (PMO). 

Program Mercury Strategy PowerPoint: Slides from the O365 Collaboration adoption strategy delivered to senior IT leadership.

IT Communication Strategy PowerPoint: Coordinated communication strategy, branding, and calendar that would direct all materials and messages from the IT organization. 

At the Office

Resource Packages

WFM Leadership Toolkit: The main deliverable for front-line managers so they can be prepared to communicate the message to their teams. Includes messages, flyers, and other materials they need to be successful. 

United Way 2020 Communication Package: Delivered to site representatives so they could successfully manage communications throughout the United Way giving campaign.

Working with Coffee

Change Plans

Change Plan Template: Customized change template used for all IT projects. I included notes for every topic to assist team members running smaller projects without my assistance. 

WFM Change Plan: Completed change plan for a WFM project.

doing work together

Marketing Materials

1st Up Teaser Video: Marketing the front-line worker mobile application.

Corporate Communication Homepage: Snapshot of the Communication SharePoint page. 

Teams Emails & Update: Emails sent during the Microsoft Teams rollout.

Teams Audio Quick Guide: Used during the Teams rollout. 

STAR Program: Awards and recognition program created for IT organization. CEO liked the plan and was going to implement for the entire company (before COVID).


RIO Innovation Campaign

Innovation campaign designed to create engagement and excitement about the new innovation technology and process. This campaign included innovation workshops, posters, stickers, web page design, communication and adoption strategies, and launch event coordination. 

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